5 elements you need on your home page

December 6, 2022

You are working your butt off (hopefully not all of it, we all need at least a little butt) and your website should help you out! It should even help you work LESS. YUP, less. It should be bringing clients/patients to YOU so that you have to work less on social media, finding ways to bring those clients in! 

So if your website is supposed to be SOOOOO amazing…. What should 3 things are soo important to have on your home page? And… is your designer/template as good as they stated by having these three things??

Here’s what it should include. Ready?

  1. I mean, im just going to skip over the MOST OBVIOUS thing you need on your home page ehemm(your services)mm. Excuse me! Because it’s just TOO obvious. So i’m going to start with Testimonials! Yep! I smack those suckers right on the home page so that they are one of the first things seen. It is important for your potential clients to see that you have helped others and that they are happy with that service. 

Websites using testimonials saw a 45% increase in traffic compared to those that didn’t use testimonials.

Having testimonials on your website just about increased your chances of getting a new client by 50%!! Holy cow! Are you convinced yet? 

What if you are new to your business and don’t have any testimonials yet? You can do one of two things:

  1. Gather testimonials about YOU as a person, instead of your service. People knowing you are a great person DOES help in the decision making process. 
  2. You can work your butt off (agian, not all of it) to get those testimonials. And in the mean time, have a kick butt website waiting for those testimonials to show up. Here’s a quick way to gather those testimonials

2. Ok, most people hate this one…. A picture of YOU. Sorry, but it needs to happen! Your potential clients need to see YOU. That picture will go along side an about you snippet which will increas their level of trust. They see the person who is going to help them and they learn about you. Do they like you? Are you going to be a good fit? When they schedule time with you, will they already feel like they know you and feel comfortable with you? As much as some of us don’t like to show our faces, it’s something you can’t NOT do!

3. This next one is the most important thing you should have on your home page. Not only does it need to be on your home page, but it needs to be the very first thing people see. Im talkin – the first three seconds! It’s your HEADLINE. “Duh, every website has a headline Melanie”. I know, I know. But it’s what IN your healdline that makes the different. It needs to be the first thing people see when they land on your website. They shouldnt search for it! Hey, Check this blog post out here to learn more about what kind of headline you should have. 

BAAAAD example:

What do they do at the clove club? Eat? Cook? Your guess is as good as mine! But here’s the problem: They are making us search their website and get a little annoyed.

GOOD example:

See!? This one tells you right off the bat what they do and what to do next – click the button! Yes, yes, yes.

4. Location location location. You are a chiropractor. Your patients need to walk into your office. One of the easiest things they need to be able to find on your website is where you are located. Put it on the top of your page. Put it in your footer. The more places, the better! 

Believe it or not, I have landed on a chiropractor’s website not able to find where they were! I was baffled. Let’s use your website to your advantage and not leave out one of the key factors to getting leads in your door. 

5. Trust means a whole lot when someone is putting their health in your hands. The power of social proof is, well, powerful. 

81% of online shoppers agree that having no customer reviews makes them lower their trust in a brand

This is why I always put testimonials/reviews on the home page and a navigation link to them. 

It WILL make or break your business. Nobody is coming into your office if someone is saying you treated them badly. So not only do you need social proof on your website, but it needs to be GOOD. You need to be praised. I have a whole system of how I can grab you amazing reviews that sing your praises while stopping the nasty ones (if it ever happens). Check this out here

With these 5 elements on your home page, your website is headed in the right direction! If you are looking to improve your website, click here!


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