Customized website template

Choose a Showit website template you love. I will customize that template (up to 5 pages) to match your brand style. Includes up to five website pages (e.g. Home, About, Contact, Blog/Services, Portfolio) with two rounds of revisions.

Custom Website design

This package is a 100% customized Showit website that is designed around your needs and brand style. It includes up to five website pages (e.g. Home, About, Contact, Blog, Portfolio) with two rounds of revisions.

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Website Design

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This application form is to make sure we are a good fit. It saves us both our valued time and lets me know about you and your needs before we move foward. 

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The Process

Step ONE

Step Two

Step three

This is the pre-design process. I send you a questionnaire that asks you all the questions about your business and request all assets required for your website. 

This is where the fun begins! In this phase I design your website. This is also where the revisions happen.

This is the last and final stage of the process. I hand your website over to you so you can launch! I will teach you all the ins and outs of your website. 

What's included

Website (Completely customized or customized template)

Use of your brand assets: colors, fonts, images, etc...

Inserting your copy (written content)

Designed for desktop, tablet, and mobile sizes

Domain set up and LAUNCH

Tutorial on your finished website

Website SEO

Your website is the home of your business. You and your customers should feel that way.