PSSST! chiropractors!


Yes, YOU!
You realized your business needs a website. YAY! So there you are....staring at a website template in Wordpress or Squarespace, wondering what the HECK you are doing. 

and those alike

PSSST! Chiropractors!


Yes, YOU!

You realized your business needs a website. YAY! So there you were....staring at a website template in Wordpress or Squarespace, wondering what the HECK you were doing. 

Building a website is overwhelming

Are you frustrated by your website, or lack thereof? 

The thought of creating your website by yourself makes you want to crawl in bed and forget all your responsibilities, ya?

Maybe you  have a website you put together 3 years ago that just sits there and nobody sees it. That sucks too. 

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Spoiler alert!!    Website Templates aren’t that easy!

That’s the problem. They make templates seem easy, but when you go into it, it is overwhelming and makes you stare at the screen for 2 hours with no improvement.

Or you spent 2 hours making it look worse than it did to begin with! 

It makes you want to melt down your chair and curl up into a ball...or throw your computer out the window, but let’s not do that! 

And I'm here to tell you...

It’s so common to feel this way. And it breaks my heart! Every Chiropractor should have a kick a$$ website.

I’m talking about a website that they love so much it brings them to tears.

Im talking about a website that gets them more patients to heal and moves their business to the next level.

I’m talking about a website that your lead lands on and says “YES! THIS is my person”

Hey, I'm melanie


If you are thinking,

Then I'm so ding-dang excited to share that I’m here to give it to you! 

I’m here to give you the website people lust after, and that works FOR you, not holds you back. 

And you don't have to give one single worry about it, because  

“that’s the kind
of website i want!” 


I'm ready

Your dream website

Let's create...

Get your website designed JUST the way you dreamed. No other website will be like it! 

Done-for-you copy

No spending time staring at the screen trying to come up with what to say on your website.

Don't have a website that gets lost and dusty, Your website SEO will be ON POINT. 

100% customized

Website SEO



How The website design process works


LAUNCH BABY! This is what we've been waiting for! Your website get's to be seen by the world. It gets to start making waves for your business! It starts working for you! 

You get 30-days of email support. I’ll provide the answer, resources and sometimes a video tutorial if needed so you feel empowered and able to use what we created together effectively. 

Book a date

Select a day when you would like to start your website design project! If you don’t see a date that works for you then send me an email, and we’ll find a time that works for both of our schedules. 


One week before I start designing your website, we get all of the boring but necessary pre-design work done so that I will have everything I need to make your perfect website! 

Design & Develop

This is where the fun begins! I start designing your website. EEEK! Sit back and watch your dreams unfold. You will get to see what is going on and when, never guessing what's happening with your website with my organized project management system.

step two

step Five

step one

step THREE

step FOUR


Having a website that looks JUST the way you want it, WORKS the way you want it, and Makes you feel comfortable during the process. (you know what is happening when with constant communication) the way it should be.

No more stressing on your DIY website

No more landing on the 100th page of google

No more confusion and worry that your website isn’t getting done, or that your “designer” took off with your money with nothing to show. 

No more website template that doesn't match your brand or goals. 

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"Melanie took my vision and designed something for me that I will be proud to use."


A special think you for making my dream website come to life! Not only did you bring it to life, but you also made it happen under the worst deadline imagineable - yet somehow being so supportive throughout the whole process!
-Dr. Em

"Melanie was incredibly thorough with her work. She clearly has great attention to detail and a sense of pride in her work."

"Approved approved approved! I literally teared up a little from how much you get my vision."

What pages are included?

What about seo?

Custom website designs take about 8-12 weeks. Every business is different, and almost every website will have different aspects to work with. We will set a time frame what we put your project together!

How long will it take?

What pages are included?

How long will it take?

What about seo?

My website process includes a few days to a whole week to make sure your site is SEO friendly! Not only that, but the professional copy writers on my team create your copy that is full of key words. 

What pages are included?

How long will it take?

What about seo?

Seriously! Your custom website does not have a page limit. It can include all of the following: 
Home | About | Services | Contact | Blog | Podcast | Portfolio| Shop | and MORE


Here's some

a $1,500 value!!!

You will also get this Bonus

With this bonus, you will save so much time (and $$)!

Check this out!


It's so hard to keep up with social media! I GET IT! That's why I'm including this with your website. To get you ahead of the game!

What's in the content plan?







a 2 month Social Media Content Plan

"What if I hate the website you design? Do I get a refund?!"

That’s never a problem! I work with you EVERY step of the way to make sure that you are not only happy with it, but IN LOVE with it. 

I'm ready to jump IN!!

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ABANDON your reality of a crappy website (or NO website) and get your stunning, client getting, working for you website!